Mar. 30th, 2012

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Title: What I Wore Today
Chapter: 1 / ?
Author: [ profile] glitterati
Rating: PG
Fandom: Inspired by Muse
Disclaimer: This only exists in the realm of my imagination. No harm intended, so no need for harm to be done. :)
Pairing: Belldom
Words: 4000~
Beta: The inimitable [ profile] shayunknown
Summary: A/U (set in the U.S. because I don’t want to risk anachronisms) – With fashion and with friendships, sometimes there’s no accounting for style. Dom is a fashion blogger living in a small island town off the East Coast. When a new face moves into town, he wastes no time in currying her professional favor. Unfortunately, there’s one big lie in the middle of this new friendship... and it’s one his best friend and roommate will need to help him through.
Author’s Notes: I can happily “blame” this on [ profile] ashamedbliss, who threw out the idea of Dom as a Fashion Blogger on Twitter and got my mind grapes squeezing on the thought. I’m really jazzed about this, let me tell you! And if you've never heard of Hannah Hart, Matt's fantasy wife, please check her out and make your life better.
Supplemental: To add to how much stupid fun I have with this story, I’m going to make Polyvore outfit collages for each chapter! Starting with Chapter One!

This is my life. I’m broke, nominally employed, love macaroni and cheese, and blog about style as a hobby.  )


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