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2012-12-07 02:37 pm

[fic] Rainbow's End (Prologue + 01)

Title: Rainbow's End
Auhor: [personal profile] saikou
Fandom: Kuroko no Basket
Rating: PG for now.
Pairing: Kagami/Kuroko and some strange combination of Aomine thrown in there as well.
Words: 4000~
Crossposted: Tumblr and LJ
Summary: Kuroko no Coffehouse A/U

A/N: I feel like I need to sit everyone down and explain this first. Most important thing to explain, before anything else, is that I am largely incapable of writing anything short. So this is destined to be long. Really long. The premise is “Coffeehouse A/U”, because I realized that I’ve been fandom life for over a decade and have never written a coffeehouse A/U (what is wrong with me). Now, because I can’t do anything halfway, I took the concept way too far.

Set in America. The West, at any rate. This seems inconsequential to me. I write what I know, and setting an entire novel in Japan was enough. Their names remain. Now, since I had no idea what to do with coffeehouse people, I again went to what I know.

Kagami is a successful sports journalist starting his first novel. He sets up workshop in the Rainbow’s End coffeehouse, which is probably the most pretentiously hipster place he could have imagined ending up. There he makes some acquaintances that will throw all of his plans off track, but not exactly in a bad way…

Instead of being King B-Ball Swag in this universe, Aomine is King Hipster. I think that alone is worth the price of admission. Let’s begin.

Prologue + o1 )