Oct. 31st, 2012

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Title: Empire City
Author: Vee
Rating: R
Genre: Contemporary, Dark
Chapter: 09/13
Summary: This city is not without its secrets, from the sordid and personal to the sort of thing that would call down the wrath of God. Everyone's connected, whether they know it or not, and whether they like it or not. Where does the shiny surface end and the underbelly begin? Where do the respectable become the deplorable? Where is that place in between, where murderers, prostitutes, and drug dealers dictate their own class system, their own law? Well, that might just be here. 
Warnings: Allusions to prostitution and pederasty. Evan and Julian shared something of a psychologically - and then physically - abusive relationship. ymmv on how much of a warning that merits. Other than that, Evan keeps it classy. 

POV: Evan

A/N: So what's up between Evan and Julian that it could actually impact the inner workings of The Empire? What we desperately want to know about The Empire's most intriguing member can only be explained by the man who knows him in ways no one else can claim... as told to the man who only thinks he does. 

I like this chapter. I like Evan's voice. I like his classy ennui. I like that all roads lead to Evan, really. ALL ROADS. In so many ways this is the linchpin chapter. If you have your character relationship charts handy, you might get to fill in a few lines here. ;) The big reveal behind Alistair's history is forthcoming...!

09 - Evan )


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