Oct. 21st, 2012

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Title: Empire City
Author: Vee
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Contemporary, Dark 
Chapter: 01/13
Summary: This city is not without its secrets, from the sordid and personal to the sort of thing that would call down the wrath of God. Everyone's connected, whether they know it or not, and whether they like it or not. Where does the shiny surface end and the underbelly begin? Where do the respectable become the deplorable? Where is that place in between, where murderers, prostitutes, and drug dealers dictate their own class system, their own law? Well, that might just be here. 
Warnings: Drug use, general criminal activity, ruminations on violence, pervasive language, and explicit sexual situations.

POV: Eugene

A/N: Posting Empire City in a reworked format has been something I've put off since 2008, when it was first completed. This story was born in fandom, but trust me that couldn't be farther from pertinent. If you know anything about the fandom there are a few little references good for a chuckle, but all in all it was the first A/U I wrote that really grew beyond the source inspiration alarmingly easily. I've finally gotten up the courage to say "fuck it" and post it here. It's been up in its original format on my old writing journal since the beginning, but here it is cleaned up and modified and submitted for your approval! I figured that Halloween was the perfect time to debut it all over again, and see how it holds up now.

I'll be honest, there are things in this story that sort of disturb me, looking back. I love it, and it was a fantastic challenge for myself to write. I was going through the darkest time ever when I wrote it, which may be obvious. I don't want anyone to feel the need to read if they may be triggered later by the events, so let me lay on the line some of the things that transpire as it progresses (just to touch on my laundry list of warnings): murder, dub-con, emotional manipulation, cannibalism, borderline-necrophilia, sibling incest, underage prostitution, oh god let me just stop there because yeah this is usually where I lose my nerve to post this.

If you do want to read, enjoy! Beyond all the elements that make me chuckle worryingly at myself, I have always and probably will always love this story and I'm really excited to share it. After five years I'm very pleased to see if it holds up!

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