May. 4th, 2012

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09. "Music" by 311

The year is 1996. I'm a freshman in high school, about to go on summer break. My best friend Gretchen has just broken up with her boyfriend, Brian, and like all "true love" high school couples I'm sort of devastated that their love did not endure to the ends of time. However, before fucking off to be a right-wing nut who married a minister's daughter, Brian bequeathed Gretchen with one last gift that would, indeed, endure to the ends of time: the knowledge of a little band called 311, straight out of Omaha, Nebraska. Of course, we were already aware of 311 - their breakout hit, "Down", was a hit the prior summer, and came from their second album. But Brian left Gretchen with the band's debut CD, titled "Music".

I became such a hardcore 311 stan during high school, from the influence of this album, that I felt the need to scrawl their lyrics all over my notebooks and preach the gospel of the band to everyone I met. I was just coming off a middle school Beatles kick which culminated in the 1995 "Anthology" revival, and 311 blew me away because, despite the massively dissimilar music styles, they modernized the very thing I loved about the Beatles - positivity.

Seriously, if you only know of 311 from recent albums (I haven't honestly listened to anything past "Evolver"... I fell out of love with the band majorly, though I respect them for still doing what they love and doing it the way they want), you don't know 311. You don't the raw early raps of S.A. Martinez, the strange hybrid of reggae, SoCal punk, and hip-hop that turned my teenage world on its ear and made me believe that I could do anything as long as I believed in myself and didn't let anyone fuck with that confidence.

I have so many feels invested in this album. Let me show you them. :B

Victory draws near, but no fear, my dear, I'll be here another year )

Hint for Part Ten: I fell out of my connection to this artist prior to the release of this album. When I heard this album, I not only fell in love with it, but the artist has since become something of a life's obsession for me.

...sorry this part is a little short. It felt rushed because I was sneezing my head off most of the time while I was writing it. I don't know if I have an allergy flare-up going on here or what, but it needs to STAWP.

Also, sorry about being absent from Angeltown, even though the Open Scene is up. D: Life has been CRAZY HECTIC but I'm trying to make the time. Feel free to play without me! And hey, if you want to go ahead and start threads with each other, go for it!


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