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The Nothing Children
Glossary of Terms

This glossary is unfiltered but the story is still being posted to a filter while I work out the kinks (heh, no not figuratively, this is quite PG thank you); if you want to read it, holla. I'd always love another set of eyes on it.

Soon I really hope to also have an Audio or Video guide to pronunciation of names and words. I'll need to either look awesome for that or get a better microphone. XD If I looked like any of the main characters I'd say I'd be cosplaying for it.

Classes: Divisions within the Continental Colora Party, akin to political parties. Classes have their own hierarchies, rules, and processes for both performance and policy aspects of the Party. The three classes are Cri Class, Ka Class, and Fier Class.

Colora: Blanket term for the role assumed by performers in the Continental Colora Party. Colora is a descriptive and titular term alike.

De facto: The right hand of the Su'naeoa. This title does not hold any special benefit in votes or power, and only indicates the policy support under a specific candidate. A De facto is most often only announced after election, as it is most useful to have a De facto in the Leader or Ace position. A De Facto traditionally votes concurrent with the Su'naeoa, and assumes responsibilities if the Su'naeoa is unable to fulfill all duties. Retiring Su'naeoa will often campaign tirelessly for their De facto in an effort to secure a dynasty.

Gen'maky: An independent musical composition created outside of the Colora structure, similar to a symphony regardless of genre.

Ma'cam: A signet adopted by each Colora upon becoming Su'navyu. The signet is usually passed on from a former Colora. Ma'cam are not retired.

Meldunon: The compound formerly used for Thetrarchy processing and training of Os'unjhi, now the base camp for operations of the Continental Colora Party.

Omvak: A popular and inexpensive Hevod staple food consisting of shaved meat and spices in a sugar sauce.

Os'unjhi: Lit. "nothing child". Os'unjhi began as a derogatory term for orphans and street urchins, until the term was reforged as a descriptor for children who became Colora. Os'unjhi either have no families or have been relinquished by their families in order to become Colora.

Royal: High ranking Su'navyu who are above the rank of Provisional yet are not the Ace or Leader of their respective class.

Se'uru: Lit. "senior worker", a labor term that has pervaded the Hevod consciousness to become the common term for an elder, upperclassman, higher rank officer, or even simply a respected peer. Saying someone is your se'uru is tantamount to saying you will defer to them.

Su'naeoa: The elected representative of the Continental Colora Party, as decided annually by the public. Theere is no term limit imposed on the administration of a single Su'naeoa, but a class will usually elect for the Su'naeoa to step down regularly in order to hold public interest and garner sympathy. The Su'naeoa takes central management responsibility over the production, performance, and policy aspects alike, holding the most deciding votes on all internal and public issues. Performance dates, set lists, choreography, public appearances, and decision room meetings are all signed off by the Su'naeoa. The class of the reigning Su'naeoa also gains a total of three additional votes during the course of the year.

Su'navyu: A set of elected representatives within the Party. Each A certain number of votes exist for each class, and those votes may be divided between Su'navyu members. Su'navyu are elected or retained each year by their class. Su'navyu seats may be duelled for by any member in good standing, regardless of an election cycle.

-t'che: A term of intimiate endearment used between close friends to indicate someone the other is willing to protect unconditionally. Lit. "my responsibility", when added to a name. It is fashionable to replace the last syllable of a name with this term, i.e. Silit'che or Suit'che.

Thetrarchy: A dictatorial government in place following the schism with the Toran'di and The End of the World, but prior to the Colora coup.

Toran'di: Former residents of the world in which The Nothing Children is set. The Toran'di are an ambiguously magical race with control over the power of creative inspiration, and upon the schism between the human and Toran'di races chose to withdraw to other worlds and pilfer that inspiration and ability at the same time. It is unknown currently whether Toran'di remain, and whether any link between worlds can still be managed.

Uchi'i: Slightly more derisive than se'uru, but the commonly regarded opposite of the term. Lit. "smaller sibling/runt", it is considered a tongue-in-cheek term of endearment as well as a descriptor.

Uona'se: Lit. "merit uniform", a suit worn by Su'navyu in the Continental Colora Party. The uona'se is redesigned for each new Su'naeoa but the epaulets and militaristic design have remained traditional elements.



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